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About Me

My parents allowed my seven-year-old brother to name me Carlos after an Anything Muppet, a bit character in a single episode of Sesame Street from several years before. He was unexceptional, except that he was a bilingual Latino like my brother and me. Finding fictional and real-life people like us never got much easier, so I created them.

Equipped with a DV recorder and a wild imagination, I transformed my action figures into mystery-solving Spielbergian squads, inserting myself into each plot. Once I assembled an actual crew of my own, I enlisted them in chronicling our adventures on film. In the process, I learned to celebrate and normalize my otherness, a theme that remains in my current work.

Those formative years also instilled in me a love for crafting scripts and films and led me to earn a BFA in Film and Television from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. I have since written and directed shorts published by horror visionaries Blumhouse and Crypt TV, and post produced branded campaigns with Mitú for clients such as Disney, Sony Pictures Animation, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros., among others.


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